Better be careful when separating out the power jack — it can be very hot from the soldering iron.. But I ran into a problem trying to coat the holes for the jack on both sides of the board. Seems like you have gotten the system to work without the metal casing on the jack. Any help is much appreciated. I ordered a new adapter. How do I remove it?

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Take a closer at your soldering job. Test your AC adapter with a voltmeter. My question is how do you get the solder to adhere to the motherboard? Now you are ready xony solder the sony vaio vgn-cr490 back in place. Take apart a broken computer or other electronic device, and practice removing and re-soldering capacitors or resistors.

DC power jack repair guide

First i thought it was the charger, simply being over used it died. What am I missing here??!! I am responding to your question about removing the plug. Any suggestions for removing vgn-ccr490 resin glue? I bought this little sony vaio vgn-cr490 and it worked great.

Did everything by the book, before sony vaio vgn-cr490 i got nothing from the laptop. Also bought a replacement tip for a regular solder iron for another couple of bucks and used it with this.

I plug the AC adapter, connect my multimeter to the solder joints on the jack and start moving the plug inside the jack at the same time looking at the voltmeter. In your opinion, I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop. Even without gvn-cr490, take the battery out, baio let me know if you get continuity between the main fgn-cr490 and the pins that connect to sony vaio vgn-cr490 exterior of the plug.

Worked well for 2 days. The laptop isnt recognizing the jack i installed or something. I have ordered a new jack and will install it when it arrives.

So the laptop was taken apart again. I had the same issue. I can remove sony vaio vgn-cr490 power jacks from Toshiba motherboards in minutes, but when I work with Dells it takes some time and effort.

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

Well I have a little progress. Thanks for the detailed posting. Sony vaio vgn-cr490 solder the small piece of 5 mill wire along with the positive terminal on both sides of the board. The adapter must output the sony vaio vgn-cr490 voltage. Cant see why the hinges will not turn logic says they must!!!! When testing the jack itself, off the machine, I vgn-cr49 no continuity between any of the pins except the 4 that hold it to the board, which is the same piece of metal.

I have two of these laptops so I tested the cpu, hardrive, in the good laptop and they worked fine. After it had cured an hour, I hit the solder on the contacts with sony vaio vgn-cr490 soldering iron, so that sony vaio vgn-cr490 melted down and formed a good contact. The trick is hot and quick to avoid damaging the motherboard.

This is exactly what I have been looking spny. A new DC power jack. I have the laptop apart again and am going to try and find something HOT to get this DC jack released from the pcb.

Cathy, how did you remove the metal casing, I can tell you how to remove the jack if you can tell me how to remove the casing. I have a M35XS Toshibha laptop, currently ot does not start. Even when I plug in the battery, which is old and dead, the charging light does not come on. Brad, Add some fresh solder into all three holes.

For example, B6 is a 6 millimeter screws sny a button dome head.

From my experience, Toshiba laptops has only one layer of tracing on each side of the motherboard. Sony vaio vgn-cr490 iron or vgm-cr490 station. Do not apply heat for more than seconds at a time or you can damage the trace.

Could not get my dc jack removed from the board so I brought it to a tech and he was able to do it. Would it possible work? I have a Toshiba M30X laptop that had the common problem of vtn-cr490 loose power sony vaio vgn-cr490 that takes a couple minutes of cord-wiggling to re-establish a connection if it is unplugged, so it had been acting more like a desktop. I replaced the jack on a Dell Inspiron Before I proceed further, is sony vaio vgn-cr490 safe to test the connection by plugging in the power cord directly in mother board?

Is this a bad jack issue I bought replacements jacks just in case. The 4 metal housing pegs are the real problem.