To specify the default paper type of the single sheet feeder. Verify that the printer is using the correct page description language PDL. Displays the connection time-out period. For more information on supported paper sizes, see “Supported Paper Sizes. The settings done here are only applied to a single fax job.

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The instruction video starts.

You can dell 2155cdn scan directly fax data transferred from the computer running a Microsoft Loading an 21555cdn Document You can use the ADF or the document glass to load an original document for faxing. To configure the wireless network interface. To print confidential jobs. If the printer is on a network, update the dell 2155cdn scan for each client. Check whether the document is properly loaded in the ADF.

Go to action 6. Normal Loud Does not emit a tone when the printer runs out of paper. To create your own fax settings. This uses much less energy, but requires more warm-up time for the printer. Sets the dell 2155cdn scan in increments of 0.


Plus the Dell cn and Dell cdn can deliver razor- sharp color print outs to sca everyday printing needs using the dell 2155cdn scan color printing technology. Do not use ink jet paper in the printer. Uses IPv6 to set the IP address. If you install the optional sheet feeder after setting up the printer, be sure to turn off the printer, unplug rell power cable, and disconnect all cables from the back of the printer before starting this task.

Load the envelopes short edge feed with the flaps closed and the print side up. Do not touch it, ddll so may cause burns. Printer specifications Dell 2155cdn scan speed Up to 24 ppm mono and color letter simplex ; up to Printer Name Sets the printer name up to 63 alphanumeric characters dell 2155cdn scan symbol sets.

The task is Go to action 7. Does not perform the initial setup for the printer.

To set a dell 2155cdn scan access to Admin Menu with a password, and to set or change the password. Not in Use is displayed in User Name when there is no registration.

In fixed space fonts, each character has the same width. There are lots of printers lacking of an ARM hardware platform driver.

Click the Advanced button. To initialize the dell 2155cdn scan NV memory. Sets the fax number of the printer, which will be printed on the header of faxes. The toner cartridge M you are using has been damaged.

After executing this function and rebooting the printer, all wired network settings are reset to their default values.

Dell 2155cn Specifications

This item is available only when the optional sheet feeder is installed. Using the Stored Print Function When you send a job to the dell 2155cdn scan, you can specify in the driver that you want the printer to store the job in the memory.

Confirm that there are no scraps of paper remaining inside the printer. Print and Deletes the dell 2155cdn scan document from Delete print memory after printing it.


Your email address will not be published. Enter the Security key and click OK, if necessary. See “Resident Fonts” for a listing dell 2155cdn scan all resident fonts. Troubleshooting Guide Go to action 2. When choosing any print media, you should consider the weight, fiber content, and color. You del use Address Book Editor installed on your computer dell 2155cdn scan add or edit entries.

Margin Middle To specify the middle margin of the copy: Black Prints in the black and white mode. The printer dials each of the numbers included dell 2155cdn scan scsn group. This scaan helps network administrators manage the network analyze performance, traffic, errors, and so on. You can turn on the secure fax mode using the Secure Receive option to restrict printing out all of the received faxes when the printer is unattended.