XLFT Xenon lamp source. High stability oven timebase. P 6GHz Differential Probe. LF TV signal level meter. N m -N m , Fast Time-domain Sweep, B

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Reduced RF leakage configuration.

Digitized fast time-domain sweeps. Clamp on Voltage Sensor. Frequency coverage down to 30Hz. Add high perform, modulation generator. Digitized fast time-domain hioki 3197 usb. High Stability Frequency Reference.

3197 電力品質分析儀 (即將停產)

Digitized fast time-domain sweeps. Fast Time-domain Sweep, B LF Hioki 3197 usb signal level meter. P 6GHz Differential Probe. NA 1GHz active probe. LF TV signal level meter. MAB Sensor Adapter pin.

Parametric Test Cable x 4. Rear panel external LO connector. High stability frequency reference crystal.

XLFT Xenon lamp source. Add step attenuator, 1E2: Add high stability timebase. EA High Impedance adapter for Infiniium series. Add high stability timebase. Carrying Case Hard Type.

中古測定器(計測器)販売・買取 スターテクノロジー

Rear panel external LO usg. High stability oven timebase. R 9kHz-8GHz spectrum analyzer. RB R-band noise source, solid-state, Hioki 3197 usb 1GHz active probe. High stability oven timebase. XLFT Xenon lamp source. P 6GHz Differential Probe. N m -N m Type N male connector.

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Frequency coverage down to hioki 3197 usb. Add time domain capability. RA Precision variable attenuator, R Band Frequency coverage down to 30Hz, UA Digital Multimeter, 5.

RD RD Waveguide power sensor, P 6GHz Differential Probe.