Scott Hubs April 1, Anyway, thanks for the advice!! I want to take apart the keyboard and check that specific key. Anyway, this one works again…for now. This guide also introduces you to exterior features of the notebook. Find a box,like a large fed ex box, that will accept the warpped keyboard.

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Cyril Crook July 14, Remove the battery and the hdd to avoid damaging them then wrap the whole czrd laptop in towels — the goal being to stop airflow in the case.

One guy suggested baking the failed motherboard in a conventional oven preheated to degrees Fahrenheit for exactly 8 minutes. Hello you dont need to put you laptop into owen just remove your processor and on your laptop if its power on correctley.

List of Hewlett-Packard products

Myslyn October 20, This worked on my computer. Thanks for the guide and all the good comments. Also I backed it on normal oven so compxq is not so accurate. The power jack is soldered to the motherboard.

Fixing Compaq motherboard video

Setup, select the Bluetooth utility from the list of applications, then follow the onscreen instructions. Battery charging light does not come on.

Temperature which I used was a celsius, cooled 20 minutes outside I checked temperature of motherboard before putting it back on pc. Tried with memory, without memory, different slots, different memory. commpaq

HP disregarded my telling them the jack feels loose and talked me into buying the adapter however I am having the same issues. Thanks a million, Ken. Daniel October 2, The manual helped a treat. I have to restart to start it working again. It works for a bit and compaq nc6000 sd card reader fails in a similar fashion or by showing video artefacts which then crashes the machine anyway. Do you still have a garbled screen this way?

I advise practicing on another simular type chip from a broken TV or something first.

List of Hewlett-Packard products – Wikipedia

I own a compaq presario v Boris D, Could be bad memory. VERY annoying, any other suggestions apart from a hammer or super glue?!?!? Any help would be appreciated.

Also, remove the hard drive and try starting the laptop without it. I bought the laptop a little bit longer than one year and caed half ago.

Kenneth July 15, Try reinstalling the driver. I think I might try this trick.

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Next time I booted it up, the screen was black, although I could see the screen by shining a light on it. Wow, this is one heck of a list! Did you try s memory modules? Now my DV is back again.

If you have only one module, try moving it into the empty slot.