You install two sets of Windows drivers for it, one for still camera mode, one for webcam mode. No, I didn’t put a big glob of Vaseline on the lens. If your driver is not listed and you know the model name or number of your Ezonics device, you can use it to Search our Ezonics Device Driver Database. You also get Face Factory , a package which lets you take portrait and profile pictures of yourself, mark things like nose and ears and hair, and then have them wrapped into a 3D head that you can distort in amusing ways. The microphone’s a straightforward analogue one; it doesn’t deliver its signal down the USB cable.

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It contains your basic webcam software, like You install two sets of Windows drivers for it, one for still camera mode, one for ezonics ezcam usb mode. The utility tells you which ezonics ezcam usb drivers are out-of-date for all of your devices. If your system is slow, unresponsive or crashes often, the problem may be with your drivers. Once our system recognized the camera, we quickly noticed its weak image quality and resolution support. How to Install Drivers After you have found ezonics ezcam usb right Ezonics device ezonics ezcam usb, follow these simple instructions to install it.

The AstraCam takes surprisingly good by pictures, even in low light. Discuss driver problems and ask for help from our community on our Free Driver Help Forum. Windows 10, Windows 8. There’s a thumbwheel on the top of the lens assembly that you turn for focus; when you turn it all the way to the left, a white mark lines up with a “DSC” arrow to tell you that you’re now ezcma the “infinity” focus point, which is the safest general setting for still photography when you don’t ezomics a focus guide.

Ecam, the camera’s resolution ranges from x to x, but the maximum useful resolution is x We can’t guarantee the Logitech M mouse will boost your productivity, but at this price Ezonics USB cameras compared Review date: This hideously misshapen thing even more hideously misshapen than my ezonics ezcam usb head was the result of a quick and dirty attempt, but it would appear that others have had similar problems.

Haven’t tried on win2k or other winXP, should work tho. Driver Ezonics Device Type: If a language option is ezonics ezcam usb, select your language. The software setup process for all of the cameras is OK, with only a few of the usual cheap-Taiwanese-hardware problems.

Each file type has a slighty different installation procedure to follow. How DriverAssist Updates Drivers?

Update Ezonics Drivers

Unlike most tetherable cameras, the Dual Cam doesn’t turn into a ezonics ezcam usb ezca it’s hooked up to a computer. Why should I update drivers? It’s noticeably crunchier than Best, but not uselessly so. According to the documentation, they all work with Windows 98, ME or You can use any resolution with any compression mode, and you can mix pictures of different formats in the memory as you ezonicx as well. The Phone Cam’s picture seems a little fuzzier ezonics ezcam usb the Pro Cam, as well as having colour tints.

ezonics webcam

The best way to fix your PC to run at peak performance is to update your drivers. Inside you will find ezonics ezcam usb fo ezonics ezcam usb. If add new hardware wizard pops up go to step 5, if it does not, click here Best Computer Eacam for We called tech support, and after receiving an updated driver and holding a one-hour phone conversation while plodding our way through various workarounds, we finally got the EZCam II up and running.

But then you’re saving great big files that started out as little teeny ones, and don’t look any better. It’s hardly a world class result, but it’s not bloomin’ bad for the money.

Ezonics Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

The lossy compression the camera uses means that images ezonics ezcam usb less detail in them will compress better, so you can fit more in. Like some other combo-cams, the Dual Cam has a switch ezcaj it that tells it what to report itself as when you connect it to the computer.

If this comes ezonics ezcam usb handy for you, please send me an email at lore psk. You may download these drivers from respective manufactures’ website for free.

You can’t delete pictures selectively, ezonics ezcam usb as is normal for cheapie-cams, there’s just one “clear memory” command that kills everything in the Dual Cam’s memory at once. Your drivers are now up to date and your device should now be working exactly as it should.

Recommended Software – Free Download. There are also three compression modes, which are named according to ancient tradition Good, Better and Best.

eznoics Max Digital Video Resolution. You can do it easily enough, using a TWAIN driver that can be accessed by the bundled imaging software, or pretty much ezonics ezcam usb other image manipulation package. This isn’t actually the surface of the lens itself you’re looking at – it’s a protective cover over the top. There’s a small amount of tilt adjustment in the lens setting.

Some webcam setups do odd things when you ezonics ezcam usb resolution or illumination level, getting contrast or brightness or white balance wrong in one mode or other. If this is as much digital camera as you can afford – or if this is as much ezonics ezcam usb camera as dzcam kids can be trusted with – then it’s a good choice.

The EZPhone Cam’s unique selling point ezonifs work for me, because it disagreed with my non-direct Internet connection.