Please do anyone have solution on ths.. I have all my office files in it.. I have Transcend jetflash 8 GB pen dirve , whenever i connect it to my computer is show removable disk in my computer but when i click to open it, it shows Insert the disk first. You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Fan Page. On this disk management window, you can see some drives including the portable drive. After installing keep your pendrive to system which is not opening asking need to format , and recover all you data and pictures in this software.

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In Ubuntu 11 it ats not recognised as a device. My computer recognizes the usb in there by making the ding dong sound but when i go to my computer it says please insert a disk into drive J, i tried formatting it but it comes up with the same message. Rohit, First tell me how to make visible my USB drive, becsue it make constantly bussy the console in which i try to open, whether it is Disk management or simply computer.

Computer is slow at start up, takes tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d ata device long to boot up. Dear sir, I have pen drive 8GB imation flash drive usb but it shows only 4.

Its getting detected in my system tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d ata device home. No light no nothing?

USB pen drive detected but doesn’t show up in My Computer

My Pen drive is ok because its show in other system. I thought it was a virus prob.

While saving there is no problem. I was also having the same problem…but it got detected in my computer as well as in disk management but when i am opening its properties it is showing o bytes free and o bytes used…. But I insert it in usb port, there is no response tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d ata device not any msg. Would be grateful for an early reply.

Dear sir, I have one gift 1GB pendrive this is not shows icon or file folder light also not coming please help me thank you, jayaram friend. I tried to format it but it doe not allow. I plugged in my Vevice pen yesturday,it worked ,,, devive computer detects the other pendrive today, but this one has suddenly stopped working?

Initially it was d203d fine. Tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d ata device I removed safely the pen drive.

Périphérique audio sur bus High definition Audio [Résolu]

I have a Transcend 8 GB pen drive. Hi, I have a problem with my pendrive. Now after this its fine. It happen on, i removed my pen drive before completing format.

Thanks this solved my problem. Is the pen drive is damaged? There is no any fsstcorp for pendrive. I also tried to change the disk letter but it is greyed out so i cant. The pen drive led is glowing but the drive image showing. That is what windows means.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

If u tssrcorp any important pictures, data on u r pendrive. Right click on your portable drive and click change drive letter and paths Uts very nice.

I hav a 2GB Kingston pendrive…. Sir, I am using Kingston 2GB pendrive for the last 2 years. Sir, I have been using my pen drive since 2 years. Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

Work as it is. The su name I typed in was too long! Hello, I have WD external hard disk, tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d ata device i connect it to my laptop it gets installed but not seen in My computer. Here is the solution to your problem — http: This is happening on different computers. I have gone through management console and changed the drive letter and paths. Not detected the pen-drive.

What do i do??? The Disk Management window will appear.