After several tries to reinstall the OS, the DC jack came loose. Too many screws to look out for and thin wires in the way. Usually after that nothing will ever run right again assuming that it will run at all. But it sounds like the board is shot though. I was able to then solder on an external dc jack as a work-around after the plug was removed and all is well! Thanks for these instructions. Apparently my soldering was not up to par.

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The service manual says this means there is a short on the motherboard. If the Satellite a85-s1072 power adapter works properly but the laptop still turns on for a second and then goes off, there could be a problem with satellite a85-s1072 motherboard. You are an absolutely fantastic human being!

Hey, I use an Alienware Aurora satellite a85-s1072, and this guide really helped me fix the power problem. The laptop was working just fine and this is the only prob… does anyone know where Satellite a85-s1072 can buy the jack board with the jack or without it I guess.

Great instructions on replacing the power jack for Toshiba Satellite satellite a85-s1072. Does anyone have reviews of repair sites for the dc plug.

DC power jack repair guide

I removed my mother board from my laptop Dell Inspiron Satellite a85-s1072 tried to unsolder the plug satellite a85-s1072 nights after work with no luck. I took the PA and hooked it back to the laptop and removed the battery.

I imagine the right thing to do would be to be patient and not do something crazy. I would be interested in this satellite a85-s1072 if I the the problem satellife. It does not seem overly hot, however. PLs help my dell latitude d power connector button broke from the satellite a85-s1072.

Batterie ordinateur portable

When trying to re-install XP the power keeps shutting off during the install process. I bent the pins a bit and it worked — for a few hours. Even more recently, the adaptor was knocked loose on the corner of the desk and the power pin broke completely. I ordered a new power jack online when i strip the laptop down satellite a85-s1072 actual motherboard had broken round the power jack solder point satellite a85-s1072 the point at the back was ok.

Most likely you will not be able to remove the power jack the first time because there will be some solder bridges satellite a85-s1072 between the contacts and traces on the motherboard.

So to charge my laptop i have to put a book or something under the male side of the plug a85-s0172 the cable to keep it up…. Will this cause any kind of problem if I continue to use the laptop like satellite a85-s1072 So the result is there is not much solder and the transition is too sharp from pin to pad.

That sounds like a rough job. I said under the power jack, not satellite a85-s1072 the jack and motherboard. When I connected the one I had on the adapter, sateplite would shut off. Is there any way to test if it is powering the motherboard without putting the whole laptop back together first? Most voltmeters have this satellite a85-s1072 available.

If its not properly seated it wont boot. Can someone please help me by identifying that part? satellite a85-s1072

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

The soldering in the negatives look better than in the positive. I want to test the voltage at the DC Power Jack to see if the power jack satellite a85-s1072 bad or not receiving power. Now with new jack and tip, all appears well. Does not work perfect, satellite a85-s1072 you aatellite to wiggle sometimes, but better than getting rid of the computer, or trying to fix when you have no experience.

Thanks for the quick reply! Satellite a85-s1072 I have a related problem- the little black resister? Its an electronics store, to get a cross reference you might try a company called haystack.