You may not get an answer to why it no longer works the way you’d like. This again leads me to call it a bug. Eather way address changes. This is a step forward. Tuesday, December 01, 6: This suggests skullduggery on the part of Microsoft, or perhaps attempt to thwart it. Wednesday, January 06, 1:

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After that I suspect there’s gp possibility they’d take it it to the next step. Friday, October 30, 9: Noel, i would think the tp link tl-wn353gd possibility is more probable,i think thts why MOST of the ppl complainting bout the prompts and security blocks is looking for the windows old school,easy access!!

On the other hand, changing the mac address of my Aethros LAN card to anything I want seems to work tp link tl-wn353gd fine, no restriction to 12 xx xx xx xx, which is really weird.

If not you have to found the Since the Mac Address can be modified on some Windows 7 machines, we cannot conclude this tp link tl-wn353gd a bug. Not sure what your problem is, but read this post http: Tuesday, November tl-wn353dg, Locate xp driver and install it. It’s not just browsing and filesharing.

My OS is Windows 7 Professional 32bit. My PC uses the same drivers as yours included on DVD but they are shaped for Windows 7 not certified, adding an extra line with Windows 7 in. I am only butting in tp link tl-wn353gd say, this is not spoofing.

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There might be wrong spelling! Wednesday, December 02, 3: Nway being legal is not childish its actually the oposite ,illegal things come from undeveloped minds just like kids!!! I will do further research and let you know if anything tp link tl-wn353gd up. At best, the system allowed 3rd party drivers and hardware to do something that probably shouldn’t have been allowed tp link tl-wn353gd the first place, and now that has been rectified.

Havin win7 for ilnk 2 weeks now, already having 2 unsolvable,different,network related problems.

Sieć Wi-Fi w domowym zastosowaniu przy użyciu urządzeń TP-LINK

Your comparing YOUR issue with a new car is just. Just read through this whole thread Getting tired of tp link tl-wn353gd inaction, and watching the bug reports mount across the interweb Best of luck solving the problem.

Maybe the manufacturer disabled the ability tp link tl-wn353gd spoof the MAC address in thier windows 7 driver? I have changed every possible driver on the card wifi but nothing. Proposed as answer by danielbpm Tuesday, January 05, 2: In conclusion, the OP should be banned from the forum for outright lies and harassment.

No matter how many insults you choose to throw here, not one of them helps your cause. I suspect you’d get further if you did what they asked, however pedestrian it seems to you. Any hexadecimal works in the first space of the MAC Address.

It doesn’t take tp link tl-wn353gd rocket scientist to imagine he figures tp link tl-wn353gd time is probably better spent with cooperative customers. Unfortunately, its not a step forward, you cant start a MAC address with 00, which is what i need to do, and what ive done with this card and others for every previous version of windows.

Maybe you should try to play their game a bit? Offcourse this also must be checked to run as an admin MacMakeup.

Now “Local Administration MAC Network” shows up in device proprieties and mac spoof tools works used smac and macshift. Even though everything just works for me under it. You claim to be a super admin yet can’t effect a change to fix the real problem. What I can’t understand is why you folks complaining about this can’t just fix the root problem tl-wn353ggd of getting so hot under the collar about the workaround no longer being possible nor even describing why you need it.

If the issue still occurs, I suggest you do a clean installation for a test. The fun thing is, that people hate vista. Please capture a screenshot of the “Network address” tp link tl-wn353gd tl-wn353bd Network tl-wn353gs properties and tp link tl-wn353gd it to Skydrive www.

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Though if nothing helps I had a similar issue with the drivers of my display adapter not so long ago. There are also other ways of reporting bugs, like connect. I can’t see any reason other than a malicious one.

Thursday, January 07, 8: It seems to me that this mac address problem is a bit harder to reproduce, thus it might have been ignored tp link tl-wn353gd for good. Awww does little baby tp link tl-wn353gd his hand held? And why does it appear to do so randomly, most 64bit people have no issue for example. I would be tempted to make connection between this and licensing control, since a MAC address can easily serve as a unique fingerprint.

Had to go back to XP to get access to the net Novak Wu takes an interest in what you’re reporting and asks for more info. Tuesday, November 03, 8: I want a solution of this problem too. Bubbapcguywhy guys like tp link tl-wn353gd see only this?

I have tried of everything.

I would really hate to be ya