I have the same exact Receiver in my bedroom Purchased about 2 months ago and so far I have had no issues with HD Audio. Having the movie in an mkv is even better still, since you can take ffdshow out of the equation as well plus giving you the option of compressing LPCM to flac. Table Of Contents I downloaded MakeMKV v1. So I look foward to your guide on that.

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L C R, Side: Thanks Derek for the followup. Ddsktop the fw update as Bekker mentioned. I was tempted to set up Reclock anymore but intel desktop dh55tc motherboard worried that it would just be one more thing that could go wrong as you know, the more you tinker with an HTPC the odds of something braking increases greatly!

Figure 14 shows the location of the jumper block. I have a laptop which i use and when i want to watch movies i connect it to mitherboard receiver. Where is the problem intel desktop dh55tc motherboard here? Hey Damian just updated my mpchc to version 1.

Because everybody have there own hardware configuration it might be different what you have. Many prebuilt PCs only come with x Both of these used the EFI Clover bootloader.

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Any chance you might have an answer to my above question as well? You could trying intel desktop dh55tc motherboard motherboaed contents of that m2ts into an mkv and see if you get the same problems.

You can see my writeup about this here:. Thank you Do you mean clown bd v0. Also, Give a try to the default boot flags on from Clover boot menu.

Guide: Setting Up Bitstreaming With Your Windows 7 HTPC – PART I

If I open the renderer properties, it might show 4 dropped frames. Past experience tells me that this is probably a simple fix and I am making things much more difficult than need be. Not sure what the problem could be. I will try updating firmware though to see if it help. Only part of the bell sound is heard through each speaker.

In every case I deskgop looked intel desktop dh55tc motherboard so far, the DTS core is a high bitrate core at 1,kbps sometimes reported intel desktop dh55tc motherboard 1,kbps.

Tossed that and installed the newest x86 from the. I do have Haali installed so I guess that might be it…. I would say worse case scenario you do a clean intel desktop dh55tc motherboard of W7, but hopefully we can get it working. Hard Drive Activity Led Header Also, I can only verify that this works with my setup, so different setups may yield different results.


Then I stupidly changed a few things, and after the problems snowballed, I did a fresh install of windows 7. What problems did you hear about with DVDfab?

TrueHD works depending on intel desktop dh55tc motherboard source, on at least one m2ts file the TrueHD audio is heavily distorted though for some reason.

I thought i have solved the problem i had yesterday but i was wrong. Audio Connectors Intel desktop dh55tc motherboard Headers Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility emc Compliance Should i just use the 32 Bit even though everything else i have is 64 bit?

Could I ask a intel desktop dh55tc motherboard question? Damian thanks for your fast response. Current characterized errata are available on request. Although I did not try the realtec ati driver as ati now have catalyst Possibly Dialogue Normalization is kicking in? Custom Splash Screen You may experience unique problems because of your system but stick with it.

Is there anything else you possibly installed on your PCs? Most of my music are flac.

I re-built the PC and I am still having the choppy sound.