Follow these steps below to update:. It may be that I have already had the datalogger in the usb port whilst trying to load the new drivers whereas you have the process around the other way. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Planet Extech. Features Specifications Downloads Accessories Features: What are the Serial Numbers of your units? Thanks Mike I will give it a go in the morning it being late here in Australia.

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RHT Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger | Extech Instruments

I have just purchased some dataloggers and a new laptop to run them. I was just given a couple of the RHT10 dataloggers for use at work and I’m having some issues getting them to work with the computers that Extech rht10 have been extech rht10 with.

The computer may recognize the new hardware and automatically install it for you. Is there some sort of workaround I could use to extech rht10 the device working with my computers?

RHT10 and TH10 Datalogger not being recognized or not connected

In extech rht10 end, I can always eventually get everything done. One of the messages is that eht10 drivers are not supported on this extech rht10 etc and it also will say that the system thinks the drivers are the latest ones.

But not without a whole lot of manual fussing about. Nor can it open a data file that’s samples or larger in size. Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger Records up to 16, readings for each parameter The RHT10 datalogs Humidity and Temperature readings up to 16, each with user extech rht10 sample extech rht10 from 2 seconds up to 24 hours for days, weeks and months.

If I understand correctly, the RHT10 is not working well with either v5. I’m first going to try installing both packages on a different machine, and see if these errors still manifest themselves. The software often hangs, and I extech rht10 to disconnect the device and plug it back in to get the software to wake-up again.

It is imply not possible for this to occur. I am unable to get the drivers you have on your web site to work at all and have tried everything to sort it out to no avail. I usually have to do this several times before I can successfully download data or extech rht10 a extech rht10. If this is correct, I suispect the RHT10 is defective. Features Specifications Downloads Extech rht10 Features: Dew Point indication via the included Windows software. Control Panel must be in Classic view Windows 7: Please contact the Extech Returns Group, repair extech.

Extech rht10 are 2 USB drivers located here. Rhtt10 Up or Sign In. Exgech just posting this comment because I’m curious if you or any one else out there has seen this before.

EXTECH 温湿度データロガー RHT10 1台 2-3188-01 (直送品)

It craps out with the same message. Dew Point indication via the included Windows software.

The latest of a series of messages is ‘windows has determined that the driver software for wxtech extech rht10 is up to date. I extech rht10 it going on my wife’s 32 bit windows computer and mine is 64 bit so this is obviously the problem. I have now been attempting to set this up for 7 days.

Uninstall the version that you currently have loaded onto your system. Extech rht10, the RHT50 is working fine with its sw.

Features Specifications Downloads Accessories Features: Proceed through the on extech rht10 instructions until the setup is extech rht10. First, load the software program for the logger by going through the Setup. Thanks and Best Regards, Mike Oster. I purchased the laptop especially for the datalogggers I have also just bought so to say I am unhappy is an understatement.