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If you already own a Creative player that comes with the Creative MediaSource software, you can use the application to manage content that is not copy protected. To safely disconnect your player after transferring files, click the Disconnect Player button in Creative Media Lite or click the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the Taskbar. Please note that copy protected WMA files will not play on your player if they were transferred using Windows Explorer. To format your player in considerably less time, use the Quick Format option instead.

This creatibe be downloaded plud the Creative web site, http: Why can’t I transfer music files from an online music store to my player? This activates nanual creative zen stone plus manual pdf download license, which creative zen stone plus manual pdf download you to subsequently transfer the content to a different location, subject to the conditions of your purchase agreement. Can I use Stoe MediaSource to manage the content on my player? Make sure your player is connected to your computer and you are logged on in Administrator mode.

If this does not work, proceed to Formatting Your Player. Why are some files corrupted when they are transferred to my player?

Creative Zen Stone plus Quick Start Manual

The track is within three levels of folders from the root. Audible content refers to spoken audio programs such as audio books that you can purchase online. Pierre and Miquelon St. Windows Vista formats devices differently from earlier versions of Windows. You can use Windows Explorer to stne files including music tracks to your player. When you disconnect the player from the charging cable, the Charging Complete icon changes to the Battery Full creative zen stone plus manual pdf download.

The battery may be too depleted to power your player. Your player’s playback sequence follows the alphanumeric order of the file names. Before turning on the player again, charge the player for approximately two to three hours by connecting the USB amnual to an actively running computer. Where is my music normally located on my computer, and how can I transfer it to my Creative zen stone plus manual pdf download player?

To customize playback sequence, add a number in front of the file name for example, 01 Track A, 02 Track B, and so on.


Avoid unnecessarily moving forward or backward within a track. It is a form of copy protection for music and subscription content purchased from online music stores.

Your player dlwnload up to three folder levels from the root. It does not support PlaysForSure and subscription content. Avoid playing back tracks with high bitrates or heavy bass.

The track is in a format supported by your player. How will I know when my player is fully charged? Firmware refers to the software that resides on your player and that controls your player’s features.

This step deletes all your player’s content. To transfer Audible content to your player, download AudibleManager at www. Before installing Creative Media Lite, make sure you log on to your computer in Administrator mode. The track may have been transferred incorrectly or is in an unsupported format. Your player is ze as a removable disk by your computer.

In Windows Explorer, right-click your player and select Format. Other software may not. Connect your player to another computer.

Creative Zen Stone Plus Manual

Avoid using passive speakers or high-powered headphones. Avoid unnecessarily turning the player on or off.

Creative Media Lite and the User’s Guide can be downloaded at www. My player is not responding, what do I do? Why does zn my player in Windows Vista take a long time? Sometimes, improvements are made to your player’s firmware fownload these firmware upgrades are placed on the Creative web site for you. Can I use Windows Creative zen stone plus manual pdf download Player to transfer music to my player? Most media players save your music at the following locations: For details, click the Access How-To Online button in the application.

Your player does not support subscription music. This should not cause you to lose any cretaive or audio tracks, unless you were in the middle of transferring files.

Is there anything I can do to creative zen stone plus manual pdf download it last longer? What is Audible content and is it supported by my player? What is firmware and can my player’s firmware be updated?