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So far the material is great, better than what I’ve gotten in books.

With kind regards, Andrea. I am thirteen years old an I joined the ICS a little more than a month ago.

Raphael Variation which is how international chess school pdf download recommend the Dutch Defense to be handled. I think those books really helped me understand the basic concepts of chess strategy and this new course is showing me via proper instruction of how to think at the board, how to practically apply what I have learnt.

Only thing Intermational can say is that, for being just 13, you are extremely mature – congratulations!

FishEyedFools 30 min ago. I’ve just started playing online again after a few months absence and in my last 10 games I have won 9 and drawn 1. I considered them before but had concerns. I am also doing the openings module, which I international chess school pdf download found to be very good as well, since not only does it give you variations, and a lot of them, it also emphasizes the ideas in the opening, and how to play it.

Sir Nemo only gained 33 points during his year scgool, but he had many cgess things on his plate so I’m not sure he committed to the program as much as I suspect you would. How does the special class improve upon four hours of one-on-one instruction, which costs the same? I recently did a comment on the Dutch Defense: All in all I think the ICS is great and will really improve my performance, rating which on chesscube.

Ben, thanks for sharing. The material international chess school pdf download excellent and goes into more depth than books but it is only worth signing up international chess school pdf download you are willing or have the time to seriously study it.

I imagine some might scoff at the stilted broken English, the fact that the information comes via pdf and needs to be printed out etc.

International Chess School: 01asterschool Free pdf download – – 01

I will also point out the Chess Mentor courses here. I bring up the international chess school pdf download and also open up a Microsoft Word document. For those interested I can recommend the material as being of very high quality scchool terms of improving chess understanding, and I believe to be great value.

So it becomes the same thing but with less to read and you can understand it better because you wrote it. So far my attitude is the material is good, though could use some serious editing as international chess school pdf download is rough around the edges. The information is very good but very vast, so I can tell already it will cness take me more than a month for each monthly course, but this is no problem since you iternational do it at your own pace.

If you really want to get a good look at it, but your not to sure about committing, you can always join and stay for the first month or so and if you don’t like it, you can simply cancel the membership. Don’t hold your breath on a response, you just asked a question to a member who hasn’t logged intdrnational for 14 months. International chess school pdf download quilt of books won’t do that, and I don’t necessarily trust myself to do that though Lev Albert’s course may be an exception to this!

I internatiinal enrolled international chess school pdf download this course too, it has only been a month for me.

International chess school pdf download think if you were willing to spend at least 6 hours, and ideally say 10 hours a week studying the material over the next 1 to 2 years you would grow tremendously as a player and have superb middlegame and positional understanding.

I’m not really sure I’d recommend their opening course though, its a bit haphazrd the way they have structured it although I havn’t really tried to get into yet as there is so more work international chess school pdf download dealing with the main module.

Mark all topics as READ. Indeed, they seemed a bit underwhelmed by my efforts to start a forum. However, I’m putting my trust in them for the next year so I’ll do whatever they say. Is there any updated info on the International Chess School? This is not the only thing they do but it’s a big sum of it.

Any reviews of the ‘International Chess School’?

Same here – I was considering their course, and I would love to hear some feedback from people who have been using it for a while! It’s hard to explain but previously I would kind international chess school pdf download just stare at the board until a move international chess school pdf download into my head and then play it, but now I’m analysing the position and paying attention to the qualitive value of my pieces, my king safety, central control etc which I just had no real understanding of before even though I had read the first three of Yasser Sarawein’s Winning Chess series and knew the concepts.

They give you some important general theory, and tell you “how to think”, and then as the course continues, they teach you how to think this way. I will be eager to hear more about your experience. But I’m playing to ECF level now and feel that in the last month my chess understanding has doubled as I’m now being taught how to think at the board. I’m doing it instead of using books because 1 It is balanced, and includes things I would have to find in many different books but don’t want to take the effort to do that.

Without that level of commitment though its not worth international chess school pdf download up as you’d just be throwing away your money. But look beyond that and I think its a stunning program.

Not sure why, but there it is.

International Chess School: www.chessmasterschool

I don’t know to much about the chess. AndreaCoda, 13 is a good enough dpf for chess. That is a guaranteed way to improve at chess. Nice to see you over here.

Any reviews of the ‘International Chess School’? – Chess Forums – 01

I just joined the web site ‘International Chess School. Memorization is the dirty little secret to get better at chess. I’ve literally had several Eureaka! Do you find the training program useful? They do have scbool sample lectures from the first month on their website so you can see if you like their style and if they could help you. By the way, if anyone international chess school pdf download this does join, you may find it hard to memorize just exactly what they teach you.

I read through the whole lesson once, and then go back to the beginning. In our country a 12 year old boy is the state open FIDE champion.